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Author(s): Judy Meier Penn, Elizabeth Hanson

Designed for students entering the healthcare field or preparing for health courses, this text provides an introduction to basic anatomy and physiology.

Author(s): Lin Lougheed

This text introduces students to the proper formats and approaches to use in basic office communication.

Author(s): Frances Boyd

Working with real case studies of successful international and American companies, students gain insight into business practices, develop cultural awareness, and are exposed to the challenges of working in today

Author(s): David Cotton, David Falvey, Simon Kent

Developed in partnership with the Financial Times, the new edition of this robust five-level course puts a real-world business spin in the development of language skills and expansion of vocabulary.

Author(s): David Bonamy

Technical English is a four-level course for students in technical or vocational education and also for company employees in training at work

Author(s): David Bonamy, Evan Frendo, Maja Olenjniczak, Rosemary Riches, Maria Spada, Ross Wright
Series Editor(s): David Bonamy

Vocational English combines a strong grammar syllabus with the essential vocabulary that students need for their working lives.