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Advanced Grammar is a new, advanced-level grammar course that prepares English language learners for academic work. Its unique approach helps students master written grammar with the use of authentic academic sources and prepares them to read extensive academic texts, write and present using academic language, and process complex academic content. Advanced Grammar focuses on the academic forms and uses of grammatical structures without oversimplifying either the content or the grammar structures. This approach is made possible by the authentic textbook content upon which each chapter is based.


  • In-depth exposure to authentic academic language via textbook excerpts. Students become accustomed to and use authentic academic language as it is spoken and written.
  • Rigorous and authentic readings from a variety of academic disciplines. Students are exposed to rich content that illustrates examples of grammar in academic discourse.
  • Contextualized grammar presented in authentic academic texts. Students broaden their knowledge of grammar in real academic contexts from a variety of academic disciplines.
  • Comprehensive range of advanced grammar structures presented in clear, accessible charts. Students are exposed to complex meanings and learn to use grammar in a manner more similar to that of native speakers.
  • Varied range of inductive and deductive exercises. Students practice and understand the target grammar using authentic textbook content.
  • Open-ended, productive tasks. Students produce higher-level spoken and written discourse, incorporating the grammar they have learned.
  • Discipline-specific and universal academic vocabulary. Students learn meanings and develop knowledge of vocabulary industively and deductively.
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