Transforming Your Students’ Vocabulary

Transforming Your Students’ Vocabulary

Do your students say “good” when they could say “fantastic“?
Do they say “sad” when they could say “miserable” or “broken-hearted“?
Do you want to help transform your students’ overuse of simple vocabulary into
vivid, meaningful language?

The Longman Essential Activator® is a contextualized resource
that leads students step-by-step from key words to a more exact word or
phrase, helping them to express their ideas more accurately.

How does the Activator® build vocabulary?

  1. Students choose a word they already know,
    such as big
  1. The clear signposts help students
    navigate to the correct nuance of the


etc. …

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Get Your Students Ready for Mainstream Courses

Get Your Students Ready for Mainstream Courses

It seems simple, but it isn’t. Your students have to understand and participate in mainstream classes, but getting them ready can be daunting. Academic Connections follows three principles to teach the language and skills that research has shown your students need for academic success.

Principle 1: Research Base

Academic Connections
starts with research into what students need. This research found a
common set of skills that are important in all academic situations. …

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