Using Same-Ability Groups in the Multi-Level Adult Classroom

Sarah LynnSarah Lynn

Using Same-Ability Groups in the Multi-Level Adult Classroom

How can I engage, support, and challenge my students when they are at so many different levels? 

Teaching in a multi-level classroom is very challenging, but there are
ways to differentiate instruction and still maintain a coherent and
cohesive class. One way is to vary the way you group your students. …

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All the Feedback in the World

All the Feedback in the World

If you’re like most writing teachers, you give your students a lot of feedback. This helps them edit their initial drafts better. It does not, however, help them to become better self-editors, which can be a recipe for disaster in mainstream courses. The solution is easier than you think.

Add An Extra Step
(Please don’t stop reading; this won’t add to your workload)

Before students turn in their first draft, require them to do a formal self-editing exercise. …

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