Student Presentations

Sarah LynnStudent Presentations
Sarah Lynn

My students enjoy giving formal presentations. With a predictable format but open topics, students get the opportunity to challenge themselves and make a unique contribution to the class.

How-to Presentations

During break-time, I’ve noticed how often students share knowledge about how to get things done in the U.S. I decided to bring that conversation out of the hallway (and their native tongue) and into the class for everyone to hear. …

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3 Ways that Longman English Interactive Facilitates Language Learning

Michael Rost Michael Rost

3 Ways that Longman English Interactive Facilitates Language Learning 

The key issue in deciding whether or not to adopt any educational technology is the actual learning value for the students who use it. We designed Longman English Interactive to enhance learning in 3 key ways.

This is an excerpt from a
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Shift Happens

Over the Memorial Day weekend, leaders in international education from all across the globe converged on Kansas City, MO to discuss trends and best practices in international education.

Among the nearly 7,000 attendees, nearly a third were from outside the US, according to
the event organizers.

With all the countries and nationalities represented, you can imagine how many
different languages one could hear riding the escalator!

But one thing many, if not most, attendees had in common was their
understanding that English is quickly becoming the international
communication currency.

This year, the creators and team behind Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE
Academic) came together in London for a business meeting. …

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