4 Tips for Improving Grammar Learning

4 Tips for Improving Grammar Learning: What the research says


In a recent Journal of Neuroscience article, scientists tested people’s ability to learn and to notice differences in a stream of input (much like learning to distinguish Past Simple and Present Perfect). Some participants practiced extensively and improved. Others alternated shorter practice sessions with receptive tasks and improved just as much.

The conclusion?
Repeated practice is effective, but it can be tedious and is difficult to maintain over a period of years. It is better to mix up productive and receptive practice as much as possible. …

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7 Teacher Suggestions for Saving Time with Online Software

Over the last 3 years, we’ve brought out more online software (and won more awards) than any other publisher. Teachers have given us extensive feedback on how they get the most out of moving homework online, and we’d like to share their insights with you.

  1. Ask for trainingWhether it’s your first time using the
    software or not, training is always a good idea. Talk to your
    Coordinator or your
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Give Your Students an Authentic Reading Experience

Paul Nation Paul Nation

Lynn Bonesteel Lynn Bonesteel

Give Your Students an Authentic Reading Experience

One of the main goals for many learners of English as a second language
is to be able to read what are commonly referred to as authentic texts.
By authentic texts, we refer to texts of all genres that are written
with a native speaker audience in mind. … Continue reading