ProofWriter Advantage


  • Are you frustrated with finding careless mistakes in your students writing?
  • Would you like to spend more of your time?
  • focusing your feedback on students’ ideas rather than on grammatical errors?

Now, you can add the ProofWriter Advantage to any Pearson ESL writing book.

When students use ProofWriter to revise and edit their writing
independently, teachers can focus their feedback on higher-level
writing skills instead of spending hours correcting common grammatical
mistakes made by English Language Learners.

ProofWriter provides students with immediate individualized
feedback on Grammar, Usage, Style, and Mechanics allowing them to catch
common errors on their own. It also provides solid editing support as
students work to develop their writing. When students are made aware of
their errors and are given guidance on how to correct them they can
begin to develop the skills to review and revise their writing

For More Information org” target=”_blank”>Go our website and click “Watch

Demo” View a complete listing of Pearson ELT writing books with ProofWriter (PDF format).

Get ordering information and ISBNs (PDF format).




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