More Test Practice for Your Students

More Test Practice for Your Students

If you have students who are preparing for a high-stakes test, then you
know they need two things: a solid understanding of English and plenty
of practice taking the test. Now, students can get more practice
online, which frees you to focus on teaching English. …

iTests: Online Practice Anytime, Anywhere

iTests.com is a new website with practice tests for the TOEFL®, TOEIC®, PET,
FCE, CAE, and IELTS tests. Students simply log in from any computer with an
Internet connection for more practice whenever they need it.

iTests: No Extra Work for Teachers

Students do iTests on their own and choose how much they want to do.
This service is for students themselves and does not require any
teacher involvement. Any teachers who choose to make iTests part of
their class can require students to email their results.

iTests: Authentic Experience

Students get practice with questions that mirror the actual exams
before they go in to take them. They can build confidence in their
ability to do well on the real thing, having completed exact replicas.

iTests: Flexible Options

Some students only need practice in one skill, others want to practice
the entire test. Some also want test-taking and memory tips. iTests
allow each student to customize the practice they need.

iTests: Try It for Free

Register at iTests.com and try some practice tests for free. Your students can do the same and decide for themselves whether iTests give them the extra practice they
need for exam success.


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