Next Generation Grammar

Introducing a groundbreaking, new grammar course that keeps students engaged and on track. The course gives you the freedom to focus on what is most important and extends learning beyond the classroom through digital content!

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By Christina Cavage, Steve Jones, David Bohlke, Arlen Gargagliano, Pamela Vittorio, Jennifer Lebedev, Sigrun Biesenbach-Lucas, Donette Brantner-Artenie 

Next Generation Grammar is a blended (print and online) grammar program that helps prepare students to communicate accurately and effectively in both writing and speaking. Together with dynamic resources like MyEnglishLab and ActiveTeach, Next Generation Grammar offers a

21st-century learning experience that will engage learners and instructors alike. Blended learning allows teachers to optimize instruction through a blend of Student Book

(either in print or eText) and MyEnglishLab. Each lesson in the text is followed by connected online practice in MyEnglishLab.

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Program Components/ISBNs

Student Book with MyEnglishLab 9780132560634
eText w/MyEnglishLab 9780133101904
ActiveTeach 9780133076523
Student Book with MyEnglishLab 9780132760546
eText w/MyEnglishLab 9780133101911
ActiveTeach 9780133076547
Student Book with MyEnglishLab 9780132760553
eText w/MyEnglishLab 9780133044317
ActiveTeach 9780133076561
Student Book with MyEnglishLab 9780132760577
eText w/MyEnglishLab 9780133044324
ActiveTeach 9780133076578