Voices of Freedom, Fifth Edition

The popular course that has helped hundreds of thousands on the pathway to citizenship is available in a new edition and now includes an eBook with integrated audio and a mobile app for practice via smartphones.

The new edition, updated for 2022, includes the new administration, the January 6 insurrection, the new Juneteenth holiday, and expanded content. The course is well-known for its integration of basic English and civics content for beginners, and its simple readings accompanied by hundreds of photographs that present U.S. history and government in a context-rich and easy-to-read format.

Voices of Freedom includes an Activity & Test Prep Workbook and Teachers Guide. In addition to citizenship preparation, it serves as a basic course for students enrolled in Integrated Literacy and Civics Education (IELCE) programs.

Basic Civics for U.S. Citizenship

This new resource is designed for high school students preparing for a civics exam, applicants for citizenship who are English-proficient, and students in adult education and vocational training programs that include civics content.

Designed for in-school use or self-study, the book is based on the Voices of Freedom course and features informative readings, hundreds of photographs, and special sections for high school students:

  • Multiple-choice self-tests offer practice with the test-item format commonly used on some state civics exams required for high school graduation.
  • Civics Reflections pose compelling questions about civic life, community participation, and relevant issues, offering opportunities for students to share different views and perspectives through civics conversations. (The topics are inspired by the C3 Framework for Social Studies State Standards and the Educating for American Democracy roadmap.)

An included eBook provides a digital version for use on computers and mobile devices, and includes tools for highlighting, note-taking, and bookmarks.

Free activities for supplemental practice

The eBooks included with both programs provide access to supplemental practice. As a service to students using Voices of Freedom, here are some of the activities to help prepare for the citizenship exam. These fillable PDFs can be downloaded and printed for self-study and classroom use. (Students using Basic Civics for U.S. Citizenship have access to 50-item multiple-choice tests, offering practice with the type of civics exam used in many states as a high school graduation requirement.)

  • Civics Test Practice charts show test questions and answers in separate columns for self-study or practice with a partner.
  • Vocabulary Practice activities highlight key words.
  • Civics Fact Check activities test history and government knowledge.
  • Questions & Answers activities offer test prep through matching exercises.
  • My Civics Test Answers are forms for writing the answer you want to practice for each civics test question.

The activities for Voices of Freedom are listed below by units. An answer key and a zip file containing all the activities are also included.

Citizenship Education U.S.

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