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At Pearson English, we’re working together with educators and learners, content specialists and expert partners to create learning and teaching experiences that really work.
Whether you’re looking for something fresh for an Adult Ed class, working on business English or looking for digital teaching tools, we’re here to help. Browse through our courses, books and online programs, or view our complete 2023 catalog.

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Business English

Whether learners are already in a professional setting or just starting out, our cutting-edge blended learning and flexible traditional solutions support real language progress, business skills development, and bright futures.


Learners preparing for academic study in English require language and communication skills that will help them succeed and achieve their academic goals. Our grammar and skills courses provide engaging content and systematic skill development, giving students everything they need to be successful academically, professionally, and personally.

Adult English Courses

Adult learners with busy lives can struggle to move forward. At Pearson, our mission is to provide practical tools and motivating content to help people make progress and achieve results they can measure and celebrate.


Our English language products for primary and secondary learners bring top quality content, assessment and blended learning solutions together. As a result, teachers are better able to engage students with English language learning, supporting and inspiring them to achieve their full potential.

English Assessment

Combining over 30 years of language testing research with cutting-edge technology, Pearson English creates tests for every need.

Tools for Online & Remote Learning

Most of our English language learning materials are available in digital format and supported with robust online and mobile practice, delivering excellence in learning and teaching in any learning environment.