Pearson Digital Hub

Take learning to another level

Implement a new learning strategy with Pearson Digital Hub, an innovative learning management system that offers educational institutions various tools to optimize teaching remotely or online.

Benefits of implementing the Digital Hub platform in your institution

  • Modernize your learning programs
    Customize teaching according to the needs and requirements of the students.
  • Obtain evidence of learning and performance reports
    Monitor the completion of tasks, performance, and improvement.
  • Implement interactive tools and customize your classes
    Capture the attention of your students by using interactive content such as videos, audios, and presentations. Enhance participation with the use of chats and forums to open discussions with your class. Create custom tests, quizzes, and surveys.
  • Organize your lessons
    Schedule your classes, set deadlines, and assign homework.
  • Conduct live classes
    Record lessons for students to retake anytime, anywhere, when they need the information.
  • Keep parents informed about student performance
    For parents of young learners, the portfolio and evidence of learning is available through the “Brightspace” function.

Modernize your English program with Pearson Digital Hub!

Contact your local Pearson ELT Sales Specialist for more information and subscription options.