Create a dynamic and engaging learning experience in class and at home with interactive content and tools that turn adult learners into active learners.

As a teacher, you are driven to engage and inspire your students and prepare them for future opportunities. Whether in class or online, your goal is to provide high-quality content and the best learning experience for your students.

With the new Pearson Modular Grammar Course Powered by Nearpod, you can transform your grammar classroom by creating a dynamic and interactive experience that engages learners in ways that are personalized, inspiring, and exciting, driving successful learning outcomes in any learning environment.

With the Pearson Modular Grammar Course Powered by Nearpod you can

  • Enhance your students’ learning experience
  • Transform your classroom any time you need high-quality, engaging, and customizable grammar content
  • Integrate technology while saving time
  • Add compelling grammar content to your regular grammar classes or integrated-skill classes


Perfect tool for distance learning

Due to the recent Covid-19 crisis, schools have been forced to quickly adopt different ways of providing education to their students. Whether you are a seasoned online teacher or new to online teaching, you have the same goal in mind: to provide high quality content and the best learning experience for your students. Dedicated teachers like yourself have worked hard to continue engaging and inspiring students in this new way of learning and teaching.

The Pearson Modular Grammar Course Powered by Nearpod supports online teaching and learning, addressing both the issue of student engagement and the need for high quality content that instructs, engages, and informs.

  • Student-centered learning experience for both live lessons and self-paced independent work
  • Learning that is collaborative and social, even while remote
  • Seamless integration with many learning management systems and web-based conferencing tools

Create a customized grammar curriculum in a few easy steps

Choose from a library of high-quality, carefully curated mini lessons to create a unique grammar curriculum that meets your program’s goals and outcomes.

Compelling grammar content for best student outcomes

The content has been carefully crafted by grammar experts to deliver engaging lessons that move up through each level of Bloom’s Taxonomy and develop learners’ fluency and accuracy.

Student engagement like you’ve never seen before

Nearpod’s student-centric, mobile-friendly platform delivers a rich collaborative experience and content that captures students’ attention, keeping them focused and engaged.

  • Immersive experience with Nearpod VR brings context to life
  • Student work shown in real time makes grammar practice engaging and fun
  • Live group discussions and polls allow for collaborative experience
  • Formative assessments and instant feedback give students opportunities to demonstrate progress
  • Detailed post-lesson reports allow for progress tracking and lesson planning
  • Flexible platform allows you to add your own content at any time


Grammar lessons in-classroom or distance learning on one engagement platform

Share engaging grammar content and assessment in real-time in any learning environment or as self-paced homework or review.


Reach every student on his/her learning journey

The flexibility of the Nearpod platform takes a lot of the stress and planning out of individualized and differentiated instruction. The program can be used in a lab, small group or whole instruction, for project-based learning, and more! Plus, it’s easy to duplicate and edit your lessons for when you need to provide modified versions for some students.


Seamless integration

Learners can access their grammar course on many devices, operating system, learning management systems, and web browsers. Nearpod easily integrates with Canvas, Blackboard, Google, and Office 365.

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Get the best out of the Pearson Modular Grammar Course Powered by Nearpod

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